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Multiple Valuation Providers in a Single API

We offer valuation data from leading providers including Auto Trader, Brego, CAP and Marketcheck for improved decision making.  


Auto Trader

The vehicle valuations engine of Auto Trader stands out as a pioneer in the market, offering a unique breadth of vehicle pricing data. It provides remarkably precise retail pricing information, along with predicted days-to-sell and retail ratings.


Brego leverages advanced modeling and artificial intelligence to deliver industry-leading valuations with exceptional accuracy and coverage.

Their range of values, spanning from high to low, enable decision-makers to apply their expertise and judgment within the boundaries of market observations.

Solera Vehicle Solutions | cap hpi

Industry benchmark valuation data from CAP Black and Red Book is extensively utilised by retailers and lenders, offering wholesale pricing that caters for acquisitions, disposals, and finance underwriting needs. 


Marketcheck offers real-time local market pricing through tracking of over 600,000 retail advertisements on a daily basis.

To ensure consistency and accuracy, data is cross-referenced with DVLA, SMMT, and other reliable sources. 

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