Vehicle Technical Data API

Access Technical Data from Multiple Automotive Data Providers

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Multiple Data Providers in a Single API

We provide developers, software providers and automotive businesses with access to a comprehensive selection of Vehicle Technical Data, in a single API. 

Solifi DataDirect™

Specifications, options, pricing and technical data with extensive coverage over 200,000 cars, electric vehicles (EVs), and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) up to 7.5 tons in the UK market.  We build custom solutions for specific use cases along with off-the-shelf endpoints for vehicle identification and pence-per-mile fuel calculations.

Auto Trader

Retrieve detailed vehicle information effortlessly using a vehicle registration mark. Alternatively, configure new vehicles using the same reliable pricing and specification data that fuels the largest used vehicle marketplace in the UK.

Solera Vehicle Solutions (cap hpi)

Unlock more value from your data licence.  We build custom solutions using ultra-reliable and lightning-fast API infrastructure that include access to proprietary fuel and company car tax calculations, along with electric vehicle suitability scoring.  

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