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Vehicle History Checks from Multiple Providers in a Single API

We offer an unrivaled selection of vehicle checks from leading data providers including Experian, CarGuide and AutoPredict.  


We are proud to partner with Experian to offer their comprehensive vehicle check covering all the major risks involved in buying and selling vehicles. 

AutoCheck provides great value and includes stolen status, condition (insurance write-off database), outstanding finance, high risk markers and more.


CarGuide Taxi and Salvage checks provide an extra layer of protection by identifying ex private hire vehicles and unrecorded write-offs.

These services build on AutoCheck to provide extra reassurance in the history of a used vehicle. 


Predictive services provide buyers, lenders and warranty providers with additional insight into vehicle life and the likelihood of mechanical failure. 

Use them to manage the risk of extra refurbishment costs, warranty and breakdown claims and improve the profitability of your business. 


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