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Comprehensive, Accurate Vehicle Data for Software & Websites

Formerly known as IDS Data,  DataDirect™ provides vehicle pricing, specifications, options, technical data, and SMR (service, maintenance, and repair) and currently catalogues over 200,000 cars, electric vehicles (EVs), and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) up to 7.5 tons in the UK market. 

IDS Code from VRM

Comprehensive VRM lookup providing the unique IDS code and description, which can be used as a key to access other datasets.  Also includes DVLA data,  Model Year, P11D Price and MOT status. 

Pence-Per-Mile Fuel Cost from IDS Code

Unique, comparable pence-per-mile fuel cost based on IDS technical data for improved decision making, enabling realistic like-for-like comparison between ICE, BEV and PHEV fuel types.

Other Datasets

We provide access to all the DataDirect™ datasets including pricing, options, specifications, technical and SMR (service, maintenance and repair) data.  Please contact us to discuss your project so we can identify a solution. 

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