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Accurate Vehicle Identification with Low Latency and Resilience

We understand the need for speed and reliability when it comes to retrieving vehicle registration information.  Our Registration Lookup API offers lightning-fast responses for the best user experience. 

Unleash the Power of Multiple Data Providers

We offer a wide range of options to maximise your data coverage, and resilience. 

Choose from multiple data providers, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of business-critical data requirements. With harmonised parameter names, implementing primary and secondary data providers becomes effortless, guaranteeing uptime for your users.

UK Vehicle Data

If reliability and performance are crucial to the success of your integration, UK Vehicle Data is an excellent choice with lightning-fast responses and high levels of uptime. Includes Keeper and Plate change history, which can be extended to provide additional Model Details, including dimensions, fuel efficiency, EV range and charge times.

Solera (cap hpi)

Solera offer two options for Registration Data. The standard service confirms the vehicle details registered with the DVLA and can be expanded to include CAP ID for users with their own CAP licence.  

Auto Trader

Auto Trader provides an added-value Registration Lookup that delivers clear, consistent, and comprehensive vehicle descriptions. It also includes up to 28 fields of technical data, covering weights, dimensions, engine specifications, and performance data.  A basic vehicle check is included in this service. 

Solifi (IDS)

Solifi provides a comprehensive package of data including the MOT and Tax status of the vehicle.  It offers clear, consistent, and well-structured vehicle descriptions, the IDS Code and P11D value, which is crucial for tax purposes.

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