Car Buying

Improve your conversion rate and increase your profits.

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Multiple Data Providers in a Single API

Car buying is highly competitive with industry-average conversion rates of 5-6%

We help car buying sites implement cost effective data strategies and drive higher conversion rates. 

Why spend time and money on cars you don’t want to buy?

Lead Validation allows you to check for red flags early in the process, saving you time and money. 

CAP Valuations

Black and Red Book industry benchmark valuation data provides a solid foundation for car buying operations, with accurate trade values based on high volumes of wholesale transactions. 

Consumer Valuations include vehicle lookups, so every penny spent will generate value for your business.

Auto Trader

Auto Trader's vehicle valuations engine is market leading and unique in the scale of retail pricing observations with metrics to provide valuable insight into the retail opportunity for any potential purchase. 

Identify vehicles using Inventory Augmentation, then use Valuation & Metrics to fine tune your valuation and offer based on the Retail Rating and Predicted Days to Sell. 


Brego uses the latest technology to deliver highly accurate retail valuations for cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles. 


Vehicle History Checks

We offer a comprehensive selection of Vehcle History Checks.

AutoCheck provides a comprehensive vehicle history report, which can be added to with Salvage and Taxi checks and predictive services. 

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