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Powerful AI-based valuation solutions for UK & Ireland

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Unleash the power of AI-based valuation and depreciation modelling to create solution leading-edge lending decisions and marketing solutions

Brego provides a whole market view of vehicle data and valuations, using machine learning and AI with millions of data points and powerful machine learning to produce highly accurate valuations and forecast data. 

What Makes Brego Unique?

  • Spread Values: Provide additional market context,  helping you position vehicles according to desirability - particularly valuable for high end vehicles where specification and colour have a greater influence on price

  • High Coverage: Useful for older vehicles outside the scope of established guides. 

  • Full Depreciation Curve: In a single API response rather than multiple data calls. Provides a cost-effective solution for lenders interested in modelling risk exposure over the term of a loan,  predictive equity modelling for retention programmes and high-value content for consumer apps. 

  • New & Used Cars, LCVs and Motorcycles

Why Choose One Auto API?

  • Immediate Access: 2 minute sign-up, with instant access to live data* 

  • Less Development Effort: Developer-friendly API that is easy to integrate, with on-line documentation and sandbox resources. 

  • Free Implementation Consultancy:  Our experienced team is here to help you identify the right data and implementation approach, to ensure you get maximum benefit from the data.

  • Dedicated Support: Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring seamless integration of Brego data in your application or website.

  • Multiple Data Providers:  Get access to a wide range of data and data providers in a single subscription, with harmonised parameter naming and in-platform data security and monitoring features.


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