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Multiple Automotive Data Providers in a Single API

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Auto Trader

Auto Trader offer comprehensive data and insight into the retail market.  With their vast inventory and millions of customer intreractions, businesses can gain a competitive edge with pricing, market demand, and powerful metrics for informed decision-making.


AutoPredict uses artificial intelligence to predict how long a car will last. By analysing over 100 million data points AutoPredict gives an accurate estimate of a car's remaining life to help consumers, retailers, finance and warranty providers make informed decisions. 


Brego offers remarkably precise current and future vehicle valuations, with impressive coverage of older vehicles. Their distinctive spread of values provides valuable market context, particularly beneficial when appraising luxury vehicles.


CarGuide provides Salvage and Taxi checks, offering additional peace of mind regarding vehicle history.  Their unique predictions on the probability of future MOT failure provide invaluable insight into the likelihood of mechanical failure.


DriveRightData stands out as a highly precise solution for wheel and tyre lookups in the automotive marketplace. Customers can use their data to boost website conversions, enhance revenue, and optimise the online customer journey.


Experian offers a diverse array of services, ranging from precise asset identification to their comprehensive vehicle history service known as AutoCheck. With Experian, you can access accurate information and delve into the detailed background of any vehicle.


Marketcheck provides real-time market pricing and comprehensive advert data for the used car sector.  Their services empower retailers by equipping them with the necessary insights to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Solera Vehicle Solutions (cap hpi)

Solera Vehicle Solutions offers industry-standard Black Book and Red Book valuation data for consumer valuation and ecommerce use-cases. We also provide added-value API infrastructure that helps you unlock additional functionality at low cost from your existing data licence.

Solifi DataDirect™

Solifi DataDirect™ vehicle data gives you vehicle pricing, specifications, options, technical data, and SMR (service, maintenance, and repair) and currently catalogues over 200,000 cars, electric vehicles (EVs), and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) up to 7.5 tons in the UK market. 


UK Vehicle Data

UK Vehicle Data offers high-speed access to DVLA registration data, ensuring minimal delay. Their services include extended model information and data cleansing solutions tailored for scalability and performance-driven use cases.

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