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PPM Fuel Cost from IDS Code Core

Powered by Solifi Vehicle Data

Comparable PPM Fuel Cost

Compare fuel costs using a single, comparable pence-per-mile. 

The leading-edge calculation uses Solifi Vehicle Data to provide a comparable estimated fuel cost for cars of all fuel types.  

Key features:

  • Supports all fuel types
  • WLTP and NEDC test regimes
  • Fully adjustable mode-specific and mode-blended PPM values based for PHEV
  • Uses modelled estimates for missing values for optimal coverage
  • Data inclusive pricing
  • From 4p per lookup
Also powered by Solifi Vehicle Data
IDS Code from VRM

Identify IDS Code and key data attributes including description, P11D value and CO2 to enhance vehicle records and link to other Solifi datasets.

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