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CAP ID from VRM Accelerator

Powered by Solera (cap hpi)

VRM Lookup
Keeper Changes

Returns basic DVLA data and any matching CAP IDs.


The service returns data as-recorded by the DVLA without corrections or enhancements and includes two endpoints, allowing you to lookup DVLA data by VRM or VIN.


It is suitable for confirming the basic identity of a vehicle in use-cases where a CAP ID is required.


Key features: 


  • VIN

  • Date of registration

  • DVLA description

  • Import and export markers

  • Colour

  • CO2

  • Keeper change

  • Matching CAP IDs

  • From 15p per lookup


Please note this service is rate-limited to 300 lookups a minute, and you are required to have a data licence from Solera Vehicle Solutions (cap hpi).


Also powered by Solera Vehicle Solutions (cap hpi)
Commerce Valuation

Integrate part-exchange values in your deal stacking or offer-to-buy process. Ideal for omnichannel retail solutions and inclusive of VRM lookups.

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