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Valuation & Metrics from ID Accelerator

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Auto Trader
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Auto Trader is the largest vehicle marketplace in the UK, with the most vehicles for sale and the greatest number of customer interactions. The service combines highly accurate valuations with powerful supply and demand metrics, to help you position your price to balance profit-per-unit and stock turn.


Predicted Days-to-Sell is targeted by postcode, helping you understand the best outlet and reprice your inventory.  


Use a stored Auto Trader Derivative ID, or build a manual selection with the free-to-use taxonomny endopoints.


Key features:


  • Trade, Part-Ex, Private and Retail valuations

  • Demand

  • Supply

  • Days to Sell

  • Retail Rating

  • National or postcode targeted

  • From £1 per valuation


Includes free-to-use taxonomy endpoints for building a manual selection process.

Also powered by Auto Trader
Future Values from ID

Forecast values for new and used cars, from a stored ID or manual vehicle selection. Fully-adjustable to a maximum vehicle age of 10 years.

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